Determine if You Need a Car Accident Lawyer


Car accidents are the main cause of personal injury, and most people are involved in one at some point in their lives. These accidents often occur due to the carelessness of one or both of the drivers involved. Regardless of which party you are, you may want to hire a car accident lawyer to help you. If someone else’s recklessness has hurt you, an attorney can help you get the compensation for any expenses that might be related to your medical care and pain that resulted from the accident. Whether you hit a moving object or a stationary one, any time a vehicle is part of an incident that causes some type of injury or death, it is considered an accident, according to the law in most states. There are also many ways to break the law while driving. If you are accused of driving while distracted, it usually means that you were texting, making a cell phone call, putting on makeup, dealing with children, or eating while behind the wheel. You can also violate traffic laws. These include going over the speed limit, tailgating, not yielding when you are supposed to, not changing lanes properly, and running red lights. If a ticket was given to the offending party, your case is stronger against them. Driver mistakes are also common. These usually happen when the driver is excessively tired, unable to pay attention due to phone call or texting, or being intoxicated. If the person who hit you was found to be intoxicated, you can also file a civil suit. Equipment failure involves any mechanical failures, such as flat tires, brake failure, or power steering failure that led to the accident. Often occurs because the owner failed to maintain the vehicle properly, or there has been a defect in the manufacturing of the car, which may end up as part of a class action lawsuit. Your car accident lawyer will find out about any recall and class action suits for you. If any of these problems have happened to you, and your insurance refuses to honor your claim, or if your accident involves injury to you or a family member, you may need to hire a car accident lawyer. In a claim of this type, you will need to provide statements and proof that the insurance will not pay or delayed too long in settling your claim or the faulty party does not have insurance.

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